Sometimes we need lies

Nonsense rhymes are fun. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a town crier,

Who was an inveterate liar,

And landed the citizens of Dyre,

In a quagmire.

The people revolted,

And the scoundrel bolted,

Causing everyone to shout “hooray.”

“We are in for a brighter day.

Let’s celebrate with an ostentatious display.

And declare that we shall triumph, come what may.”

Unfortunately, the return of truth,

Failed to heal or sooth.

Instead, reality’s steadfast glare,

Turned each life into a nightmare,

Leaving the people longing,

For veiled untruths and less fear-mongering,

And causing them to petition,

To bring the town crier back if he expressed contrition.

The panopticon

Eye of Providence
Eye of Providence

Syzygy predicted by prophecy

Will unite animus and anima

In mutually-reinforcing mimicry.

Instinct will transcend edict.

What was once spiritual anathema

Would be revealed for crowd scrutiny

By non-believers and clergy,

Who would cull heresy and abscond with creativity,

Thanks to the lexicon

Of the panopticon.

Controlled by invisible scions

Manipulating the evolutionary game,

The proletariat would acquiesce through their subservience

And technological singularity would amplify instant fame,

Dissolving physical and psychic boundaries

And giving rise to hitherto unknown quandaries.

The flies in the ointment,

Threatening the fabric of humanity

By being such a disappointment,

Always eluding secular anointment,

Are truth and individuality,

Repulsive forces failing to simplify human complexity,

Genetic morality modulated by epigenetic technology.

What are these foreboding tendrils threatening crowd-sourced certainty?

Could it be “the other”?

Could it be a softer psyche seeking common ground

When none is to be found

In the glare of warfare?

Could it be the rejection of love’s profound union

In favor of anarchy and the destruction of femininity?